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About Lucky

FlipWish, a book about music, sharing and licorice. Written by LPC and published by Pen & Caper 2019.

Is Lucky your real name? It’s the question I get asked most frequently by the guy who rotates my tires. “What?”, is the answer I most often give because the tire place is loud.

I tell stories. When said stories are told using written words I become an author. I don’t like being an author. I like being a storyteller.

An author’s job is to know author’y things like plot structure, character development and, of course, grammar. I’m not good at grammar and don’t care to be any betterer.

A storyteller’s job is to sell you a world. A world in which the many intricacies and delicacies of being a human are explored. No exploration is as fun as one that ends with the discovery of treasure and the treasure of a story is perspective.

In summary. I am Lucky Penny Catch. I write stories as a way to share my perspective on what I wish my growing up was like.

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