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Flipwish - A book about licorice and other sweet things.

Flipwish is a paper back book for early readers published by Pen & Caper and written by Lucky Penny Catch. Join Able on a winter journey for licorice as he explores themes related to sharing, helping and music. Flipwish is a fun and warm story about what really makes a heart full.

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Novels for the Next Generation of Readers.

Pen & Caper publishes stories that look like comics, but read like books. Our comic styled novels bridge the gap between the visual storytelling of graphic novels and the traditional paragraph structure of a book. In short, we make books for readers who don't like to read.

Reading Isn't Easy for Everyone

Pen & Caper was founded by Aaron Robbins, who writes kid's fiction under the name Lucky Penny Catch. As a kid, Aaron loved stories but hated to read. With a undiagnosed case of dyslexia and other learning disabilities, reading anything longer than a few sentences was difficult.

Years later and after completing several programs aimed at kids who saw things backwards, Aaron was finally able to excel at school. Unfortunately, his self doubt and dislike of reading carried on into adulthood. Now an author and podcaster Aaron created Pen & Caper to publish the books for kids who don't like to read.

Your Writing Prompt is:

It was a frigid winter's eve.  A celebrity, a supposed king and a young woman were near a waterfall entering into the prison system.
  • Start with 4 lines of description.
  • Then, write 2 lines of dialogue.
  • Add 3 lines of narration.
  • Next, write 1 line of action.
  • Finish with 3 lines of exposition.
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